1. What are views?

A view is used when a lead is viewed from the Lead Builder, Prospector or Seeker (Web & Google Sheets Addon).

When you signup for Adapt in the free plan, you will get 100 contacts every month to use on our chrome extension, Adapt Prospector.

2. What are downloads?

A download is used when a lead is copied / downloaded as CSV / exported to your CRM. 

3. What if I have only downloads but no views?

You can use the downloads to export from My Leads to a CSV or CRM.

You will still be able to download new leads by selecting them from the advanced search results page and clicking on 'Get Leads' and select 'Download as CSV'

4. How can I get more views / downloads?

You can purchase one of the subscription plans for Prospector from here.

Contact sales@adapt.io if you need more views / downloads for the Lead Builder.