A Sequence is a repeatable series of steps, that mimics your sales process to create a consistent process. Your Sequence in Engage allows you to seamlessly execute your tasks in a way that fits your work process.

Since every sales process is different, Engage allows you to create and customize your Sequence to your preferences.

Each stage in a sequence can be of one of these channels - Email, LinkedIn, Phone and Sms

Engage also allows you to create a sequence either as private or shared. So you could leverage the team collaboration using Engage.

Steps to Create a sequence on Engage

  1. Go to the Sequence page by click on Sequence icon (paper plane) from the side nav

  2. On the Sequences landing page, click on the Add New blue button on the top right corner and from the dropdown menu choose New Sequence.

  3. In the Create New Sequence Popup, input the name of the sequence in the Sequence Name field.

  4. And click on the Create New sequence button
  5. On the Sequence Settings landing page, click the Add Stage blue button from the top right corner.

  6. Select the applicable type of sequence from the Stage Type dropdown menu and configure the sequence as outlined below.
    • Email:
      •  Emails automatically send out to Prospects based on the defined time interval.
    • LinkedIn:
      • Task for LinkedIn-specific activities such as sending a connection request to a Prospect, reviewing a Prospect’s profile, or sending the Prospect a message on LinkedIn
  7. Click Save.

  8. Repeat steps 5 - 7 as applicable to add more steps.

  9. Once you done creating all stages for your sequence, start enrol contacts to the sequence and see how it performs