You can add a single contact to a sequence from the Gmail compose window.

Step 1: Enter the recipient's email address and select the sequence name.

Step 2: If the sequence contains any dynamic fields, you will be prompted to provide them.

Step 3: Review the email content, delivery dates of follow up emails and make edits if required and start the sequence.

You can also add multiple recipients to a sequence by uploading a list of contacts to the sequence as a spreadsheet.

Step 1: Go to the sequence and click on add people.

Step 2: You will be prompted to upload a CSV file containing the email address, first name and company name of the recipients.

Step 3: Once the CSV file is uploaded, you can make edits before uploading the recipients list.

Step 4: Start the sequence.

Once the sequence is started, all the recipients in the list will added to the sequence and emails will be sent to them. Please note that we will be using Google's Gmail APIs to send the emails. So the emails will not be sent instantly, but instead they will be sent at an average rate of 1 email per minute.