You can now supercharge your Gmail with open/click tracking, faster email response with predefined templates and set automated follow ups for your prospects right within your Gmail inbox using Adapt Engage

In this article, we will be taking your through how to supercharge your gmail with Adapt Engage.

  1. Install the Adapt Engage chrome extension from the chrome store - here is the link   

  2. After you have installed the extension, go to your gmail and hit Compose button

  3. Now you will see a new section between the subject and body section within your gmail compose window
    Here are the list of elements that appear within your gmail compose view,

    • Templates   

      • Save your best emails as templates and import them to send emails in 1-click.

      • click on templates from your compose window and choose the template to insert by clicking on it. The template will automatically appear as your email message body.

    • Sequences.

      • Automat your followups with your prospects right within gmail compose window

      • Enter the prospect email in the gmail to address field

      • choose the Sequence you want to enroll the prospect to, by choosing sequence name from Sequence dropdown in your compose window.

      • Preview and confirm all the emails that will be sent for the prospect and click on Start Sequence button to start the followup for the prospect. 

      • You can get details Sequence engagement from the Engage Sequence section

    • Track 

      • You can now track all email opens and link clicks right from

      • Make sure the green track button is enabled while sending email from your gmail account. All prospects engagement with your email like number of times emails was opened and number of time any link was clicked.

      • You can disable tracking for any email sent by switching off the track toggle button

    • Log to Salesforce

      • Engage enables you to automatically log all your conversation with your prospects within your Salesforce. The entire email content is logged automatically within contacts and opportunity section for the respective contact within Salesforce

      • If you would not like to log all your email communication within Salesforce you have a provision to disable auto logging feature.